November Blows

This morning I learned just how easy it is to break into my apartment. But more on that later. So far? November is not my friend.
  • November 1 - we were unable to pay rent because Husband's paycheck got lost somewhere in between and we're waiting for it to be re-routed.
  • November 2 - Vehicular overheats on the way to school. I must miss my 2nd class because I am waiting for a tow.
  • November 3 - had a doctor put me on diet pills because I have 40 pounds to lose.
  • November 4 - find out the damage to Vehicular is going to be $1244 and change.
  • November 5 - realized halfway through my 6 a.m. walk with Kiyah that my house keys are not in my pocket.
So.... yeah. I'm over it. I hoped with all hope that maybe I left my front door unlocked but upon arrival realized that was not the case. Luckily I had cracked the window for the cat about 10 inches but didn't think my Hugh Jass could fit through that and because I am so safety conscious I have a screw on lock thingy to secure the window. Turns out, with a few shoves, that thing budges. Safety indeed. Regardless, I got through the window and didn't have to end up waking The Birthday Girl or my mother to let me in. Hooray for small accomplishments. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Coodence said...

Know what else Nov. 2 was? My birthday.

exile said...

i've learned how to pick locks...

safty is just an illusion

Lisa..... said...

At least we have dogs. They make me feel a little safer.

And I am sorry November is sucking.