Multicultural Tuesday

Last night in lieu of class my professor asked us to attend a performance by Sarah Aroeste. She sings in Ladino which is an antiquated, Sephardic Judeo-Spanish. I didn't know this little tidbit at the time of the performance, but when she sang it immediately reminded me of some of the Hebrew music I listened to while working at Jew U. She was backed up by a dude on acoustic guitar and another dude playing drums with his hands. It sounded like it was going to be ok but then she started singing and I was all "No." I left after the third song. I'm not one to judge another person's singing voice as my own could shatter glass, but then again, I'm not trying to get up in front of an auditorium full of students either. It was a bummer too because I was really looking forward to hearing some World music and maybe stumbling upon something new. I think what sort of made me not like her was the fact that prior to singing her song Cafe de Amanacer, roughly translated to Cafe of Daybreak, she "confessed" to having Starbucks for breakfast and then later said that "where she came from" (New York) they had Starbucks on every corner and she didn't know if we could relate. Um, get out of here you pretentious ass. Dang.

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April said...

Joe found this box of wrapped cd's in a hall closet. His old roommate found this lady singing karaoke and decided to be her "manager" and have cd's made. Apparently a big label found her and scooped her away. I'd never heard of her before but got all excited because I love finding new, unknown music. I put it on and turned it right back off.

So I know how ya feel. You got all excited and then disappointed. Dirty bitches!!