Monday Schnippets

  • Weight this morning: 206; Pounds lost: 4
  • I've yet to conceive (Damn you, aunt flo! Stop comin' 'round here!)
  • I'm sitting on 79% in both of my classes
  • Only 3 weeks of classes left
  • For I think the first time in my life I'm reading two books simultaneously and both happen to be written in Spanish by Laura Esquivel: Como agua para chocolate and La ley del Amor
  • Horton Hears A Who is a fantastic children's movie that makes me ell-oh-ell
  • I am not very good at Cars Race O Rama for Playstation 3
  • An "over-nighter" with my nephew the monkey bear has made me realize I am way past my prime for childbearing
  • This game can keep a 3 year old entertained for some time surprisingly


Coodence said...

This is almost like my numbers thing I do. Only one of two of your snippets don't have numbers in them!

April said...

I didn't know you were trying to have a baby!! Did you mention that here? If so, I must have missed it. Either way that's so awesome!!!