Happy Veteran's Day

Seems like there is a trend right now amongst many of my acquaintances to hop on the diet train. I told you all last week that I got prescribed diet pills but I think I'm going to skip going down that road because, frankly, I'm nuts enough without voluntarily taking speed. Thank you very much. On Saturday I got a call from my doctor who informed me that my cholesterol is high. Shocking. Overweight and high cholesterol? Who'da thunk? He said he wanted me to diet (already started that) and then naturally jumped to the next most popular route: MORE PILLS! He even mentioned something about if my arms and legs cramp up that he'll need to take me off of them. How about no? I don't feel bad so why take pills that will make me feel bad? I have come to the conclusion that health care is a fucking racket! I was lethargic and gaining weight about 5 years ago and they decided I had hypothyroid so they gave me a prescription. Guess what. Dozens of blood tests and years of pill popping later - I am still lethargic and still gaining weight. I have allergies so I have a prescription for Allegra. Guess what. I still have a stuffy head and sinus problems and I don't exactly know wtf Allegra is doing for me aside from emptying my wallet. I have been weaning myself off of Prozac for the last several months and come Monday, that last pill will have been taken. I have decided that instead of just going to the doctor because they want me to, I'm going to start going only if I am in severe pain or there is a blatant wound on my body. I'll go ahead and save my prescription costs and co-payments and put that toward a new pair of running shoes or buying healthy food.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I am over you, Doctor T.


Coodence said...

Holler!! You go girl. I love this manifesto.

Lisa..... said...

That's funny. I totally see people who are the opposite. They want a pill for anything. And that pill has side effects. And then they want a pill for the side effects. But then that pill has side effects. And it goes on and on. And I just wanna say, sometimes things are crappy in life and there is no pill for that. We just have to get through it.