Movie Review Monday

'Tis the season for holiday movies and I'm happy to say we went to see Disney's A Christmas Carol to kick it off. In 3-D even. And I didn't get a migraine. Winners all the way around. The best part about this movie was being able to see it with Husband and my uncle who flew in for Thanksgiving from Germany and it was a total surprise. I have nothing but good things to say about this movie. It was very beautiful and dark and interesting. I can't say I've ever seen anything like it. I had my doubts at first because of how terrifying Tom Hanks looked in that Polar Express movie I never saw but they've come a long way with the animation. I love how it stayed very true to Dicken's story.

And of course seeing that made me nostalgic for a couple other classics:

Did you all watch this growing up? Mickey's Christmas Carol was probably my first introduction to this story and I get all misty thinking about it. I was about 6 years old and Santa brought it to me on VHS and I loved it so much. I was thrilled to find out Husband carries fond memories of this movie as well. If you haven't seen it, go and get it. It's muy wonderful.

And of course, Scrooged. What's funny about this particular movie is that it came up in conversation after we left the theater and it just happened to be on that night on HBO. My God this movie is hilarious. They just don't make them like this any more. Bill Murray is a comedic genius and with just a goofy face can throw me into hysterics.

So there you go. If you're not in the Christmas spirit yet, warm up your DVD player and get into it now.


Haiku Friday on a Saturday

Babe in a beer glass

Ode to Babe's birthday
Are you wondering "Who's Babe?"
BFF's Husband
And yet so much more
Brother from another Mom
Funny and charming
Don't forget big brains
Success in New York City
Mr. Architect

Happy Birthday, Babe!




From our table to yours... Happy Turkey Day



If you had an extra $1,000 lying around, what would you do with it?

And, no, paying bills is not an option.


Thankful Tuesday

I am thankful:
  • that my husband has the week off to spend at home with me
  • that we celebrated our 6-month mark as a married couple
  • that we are getting a new washer and dryer today
  • that we get to do fun things like go to Kings games in the VIP section
  • that I get a bonus this week from work
  • that there are only two days of classes and two finals left in the semester
  • that I graduate in six months
  • that my grandparents are still alive to celebrate another Thanksgiving
  • that they didn't find new polyps in my bladder at my last checkup
  • that I'm off of Prozac and birth control
  • that I'm losing weight slowly but Shirley (hehe)
  • that this is only a three-day work week


A Very Special Monday

Happy 32nd birthday to my sister from another mister: Crusty! Go wish her a happy, happy!

Happy 1/2-iversary to me and Husband! Can you believe it's been 6 months since we wed? Me neither!


Ode To Coffee Haiku Friday

My Seattle mug
Bigger than your average cup
And so colorful
Filled with robust brew
Perfect dose of skim, Splenda
Right up to the brim
It's my "mother's milk"
Toasty nectar of the gods
Addicted? You bet.


Day 3

I wasn't really going to discuss this here but why the hell not. If nothing else, I might get some activity from search engine keywords on my Google Analytics page. On Monday I had the double pleasure of starting my period and going off Prozac. If that isn't a recipe for crazy bitch I don't know what is. Tuesday went pretty smoothly and aside from a brief altercation that I may or may not have imagined between the head of the Spanish department and myself last night, I think yesterday went well too. Today, I feel like maybe things aren't going that well. I'm pretty good at my job and today was faced with an obstacle I didn't know how to solve. When I asked for help, I felt like I was talking to a brick wall. I got frustrated and lashed out and then I kind of felt like crying. And now I'm worried. I'm worried that I can't go off Prozac because I'll be more prone to losing my shit. I'm worried that I am somehow damaged and over-emotional. I'm worried that I won't be able to regain my ability to orgasm and that I'll never be able to lose the weight I gained while seeking solace in a prescription pill. I'm worried that by taking that very first pill over a year ago, that I opened a door I won't be able to shut and that I'll be reliant on medicinal assistance for the rest of my life. So that makes me sad. And that's all I wanted to share.


Lights, Camera, Action!

One of my responsibilities here at the old workplace is to provide the necessary paperwork that allows trucks full of our product to cross the Mexican border. It's nothing too difficult, I merely make an invoice and fax it to the trucker and the broker and I'm on my way. However, it does require that I get a bill of lading from our vendor so I am pretty much at their mercy when it comes to getting paperwork ready. Sometimes, I'm forced to come in on a Saturday morning and that happened to be the case this past weekend.
Since I am the only one in the office at 7 AM on a Saturday, I usually just throw on my pajamas and head on into the office with Kiyah as my sidekick. This past Saturday I was wearing the oh-so-sexy attire of a purple Kings hat, a black Nightmare Before Christmas sweatshirt that proudly boasts Jack Skellington's big ol' face, my blue pajama pants bedecked with moose that say "I don't do mornings" and my slip-on, Ugg-wannabe slippers. I have to admit, I was a vision without make-up, without even having brushed my teeth, maybe with some eye boogers still crusted in the corners of my eyes. In other word? The hotness. Shock of all shocks, when I pulled into my parking lot at work, it was full of crew members setting up for a Ford commercial shoot that a co-worker of mine is starring in. There was even a tent for craft services. Luckily for me, I had Kiyah - the cutest, most popular dog ever - as a distraction so no one really paid attention to the hot mess I was. Funny, they never even offered to cast me as an extra.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Always leave the house dressed for success, you never know who you might meet.


Multicultural Tuesday

Last night in lieu of class my professor asked us to attend a performance by Sarah Aroeste. She sings in Ladino which is an antiquated, Sephardic Judeo-Spanish. I didn't know this little tidbit at the time of the performance, but when she sang it immediately reminded me of some of the Hebrew music I listened to while working at Jew U. She was backed up by a dude on acoustic guitar and another dude playing drums with his hands. It sounded like it was going to be ok but then she started singing and I was all "No." I left after the third song. I'm not one to judge another person's singing voice as my own could shatter glass, but then again, I'm not trying to get up in front of an auditorium full of students either. It was a bummer too because I was really looking forward to hearing some World music and maybe stumbling upon something new. I think what sort of made me not like her was the fact that prior to singing her song Cafe de Amanacer, roughly translated to Cafe of Daybreak, she "confessed" to having Starbucks for breakfast and then later said that "where she came from" (New York) they had Starbucks on every corner and she didn't know if we could relate. Um, get out of here you pretentious ass. Dang.


Monday Schnippets

  • Weight this morning: 206; Pounds lost: 4
  • I've yet to conceive (Damn you, aunt flo! Stop comin' 'round here!)
  • I'm sitting on 79% in both of my classes
  • Only 3 weeks of classes left
  • For I think the first time in my life I'm reading two books simultaneously and both happen to be written in Spanish by Laura Esquivel: Como agua para chocolate and La ley del Amor
  • Horton Hears A Who is a fantastic children's movie that makes me ell-oh-ell
  • I am not very good at Cars Race O Rama for Playstation 3
  • An "over-nighter" with my nephew the monkey bear has made me realize I am way past my prime for childbearing
  • This game can keep a 3 year old entertained for some time surprisingly


Lonely Weekend Haiku Friday

Since we got engaged
Husband's been home on weekends
But not this weekend
Tonight is dinner
Celebrating my mom and
My brother's birthdays
Then on Saturday
A slumber party with my
Nephew, then school stuff


Thankful Thursday

Thankful I:
  • have a boss that's in China for 10 days
  • went to Target and got the CD pictured above
  • have had my husband home for two days mid-week
  • have less than a month left of this semester
  • didn't have class last night
  • can fit in a pair of jeans that was just a bit too snug a while ago
  • lost 2 pounds since 10/26
  • get to have my nephew for a sleepover on Saturday
  • got a B on my test!


Happy Veteran's Day

Seems like there is a trend right now amongst many of my acquaintances to hop on the diet train. I told you all last week that I got prescribed diet pills but I think I'm going to skip going down that road because, frankly, I'm nuts enough without voluntarily taking speed. Thank you very much. On Saturday I got a call from my doctor who informed me that my cholesterol is high. Shocking. Overweight and high cholesterol? Who'da thunk? He said he wanted me to diet (already started that) and then naturally jumped to the next most popular route: MORE PILLS! He even mentioned something about if my arms and legs cramp up that he'll need to take me off of them. How about no? I don't feel bad so why take pills that will make me feel bad? I have come to the conclusion that health care is a fucking racket! I was lethargic and gaining weight about 5 years ago and they decided I had hypothyroid so they gave me a prescription. Guess what. Dozens of blood tests and years of pill popping later - I am still lethargic and still gaining weight. I have allergies so I have a prescription for Allegra. Guess what. I still have a stuffy head and sinus problems and I don't exactly know wtf Allegra is doing for me aside from emptying my wallet. I have been weaning myself off of Prozac for the last several months and come Monday, that last pill will have been taken. I have decided that instead of just going to the doctor because they want me to, I'm going to start going only if I am in severe pain or there is a blatant wound on my body. I'll go ahead and save my prescription costs and co-payments and put that toward a new pair of running shoes or buying healthy food.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I am over you, Doctor T.


Happy 28th Birthday, Brother!

I can't believe my "baby" or "little" 6'4" brother is 28 years old today. It feels like only yesterday I was pinning his shoulders to the ground with my knees and tickling him until he pooped himself. If I tried that now, he'd literally be able to break me in half. I'm thankful that you are the father of my favorite nephew... and that we no longer live to destroy one another.

I love you, Curtis!



So a Facebook friend suggested that from now until Thanksgiving, we try to list at least one thing we are thankful for.

Today? I am thankful that Husband's check was deposited in our account.


Kinda Poor Haiku Friday

Dear US Navy,
What the hell have you done with
My husband's pay check?
It has been a week
And still no where to be found.
Just how hard is it?
It was your error
Now give him his hard earned pay
You sons of bitches


November Blows

This morning I learned just how easy it is to break into my apartment. But more on that later. So far? November is not my friend.
  • November 1 - we were unable to pay rent because Husband's paycheck got lost somewhere in between and we're waiting for it to be re-routed.
  • November 2 - Vehicular overheats on the way to school. I must miss my 2nd class because I am waiting for a tow.
  • November 3 - had a doctor put me on diet pills because I have 40 pounds to lose.
  • November 4 - find out the damage to Vehicular is going to be $1244 and change.
  • November 5 - realized halfway through my 6 a.m. walk with Kiyah that my house keys are not in my pocket.
So.... yeah. I'm over it. I hoped with all hope that maybe I left my front door unlocked but upon arrival realized that was not the case. Luckily I had cracked the window for the cat about 10 inches but didn't think my Hugh Jass could fit through that and because I am so safety conscious I have a screw on lock thingy to secure the window. Turns out, with a few shoves, that thing budges. Safety indeed. Regardless, I got through the window and didn't have to end up waking The Birthday Girl or my mother to let me in. Hooray for small accomplishments. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Diet Pills

So, here's the story. I weigh 210 pounds. I am at least 40 pounds overweight. I have hypothyroid and a never ending candy dish at work. I love beer and my husband is from the mid-west and really cooks like we still live on a farm and have manual labor to do and cold winters to face. And I love his cooking. A lot. Butter? Yes please. Bacon? You bet.
But? For the most part, I eat ok. I even logged my eating habits for a week, showed them to an endocrinologist and she agreed with me. Sure, I can do better, but can't we all? And? I have a big dumb dog I walk at least twice a day and I walk all over campus twice a week and I'm generally a bit of a tweaker and don't sit still for very long. All that means is that I'm not living a sedentary lifestyle.
So since I'm pretty good and active the doctor decided to prescribe me fentramine which is basically a diet pill that suppresses hunger and gets the old metabolism going so that I'll lose about 2 pounds a week. This does not give me permission to indulge, however. It's just an aid that she only recommends for short term use.
So... I stocked up on fruits and veggies and am swearing off beer. She said red wine is best. So that's that. I go off prozac in less than two weeks and will start my diet pills then. Here goes nothing.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I guess diet and exercise isn't always enough.



Harbor House
On Friday night, Husband surprised me with a wee overnight getaway to the Harbor House Inn bed & breakfast in Santa Barbara, CA.

We got a complimentary breakfast basket complete with assorted fruits and juices and some of the best banana bread I have ever had.
Bed & Breakfast
This bed was made to envelop you in its cushy goodness with two separate down comforters, lots of fluffy pillows and a padded head and foot-board. We seriously slept for ten straight hours. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop!
Complimentary Bikes
They even offer complimentary use of their bicycles so we got to ride around State Street instead of fighting the traffic congestion and seeking out hard to find parking.

Our room was also conveniently located next to the Santa Barbara FisHouse, which we walked to for dinner. The weather was nice enough to allow outside dining near their fire pit under an almost full moon. For an appetizer, we enjoyed the bacon wrapped scallops. Husband had the cioppino which had some of the most delicious broth I've ever had the pleasure of dipping my bread in. I had the halibut and it was divine. The garlic was so strong I think I killed any chance of late night smooches. Hopefully the savory bottle of house wine killed some of the stench. For dessert, husband had the Crème Brulee and I had the Mud Pie. We both recommend everything about this place, right down to the wine.

The following morning we decided to skip the breakfast basket and head out. Turns out State Street doesn't really have easily accessible, quaint little breakfast spots so we went over a block and stumbled upon Pacific Crepes French Food. Our waitress spoke nary a lick of English so that was lots of fun and helped the authenticity factor. Husband and I each had our own
La Compléte - ham, Swiss and mozzarella and mushrooms. They served some of the most divine coffee I've ever had the pleasure of sipping. Why can't I make coffee like that at home I wonder? The best part about this breakfast is that Frenchy (who strangely resembled Owen's Momma) only billed us for one crepe! Hooray for buy one get one free especially when it comes to pricey breakfasts! We totally ran out the door before they figured out their error. We're naughty like that.

So the next time you're planning an overnight stay in Santa Barbara, maybe you'd like to recreate our little piece of heaven away from home.


Happy Birthday, BFF

VA 097

Please wish BFF a happy happy today.
She's got a nice round number to celebrate!