Movie Review Monday

Every now and then a movie comes along with a cast that seems perfect for downright hilarity. Couples Retreat seemed as such but by the end of the film, I'm not sure it lived up to my expectations. Sure, I laughed... How could you not with Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman and Jon Favreau? I also felt a little preached to. Here are four couples that decide to go on a vacation together to help one couple save their marriage. Along the way we realize at least 3/4 of them are miserable and 1/4 of them might not be as happy and functional as they thought they were. Where are the laughs in that? Basically this is a "moral of the story" kind of movie that reminds us all that we'll be happiest in our relationships if we work hard at them and remain true to ourselves. I don't think I needed comedians to teach me this lesson. I have parents for that.


Sassy said...

A renter then?
You know I take what you say about movies very seriously!

Coodence said...

Too bad, dude. Vince Vaughn is so hilarious. Especially when he goes on tangents and loses his breath halfway through.

Watched Swingers the other day for the first time in about five years. Soooo hilarious.

Not Fainthearted said...

"I don't think I needed comedians to teach me this lesson. I have parents for that."

Now THAT is hilarious.

and true.

April said...

Is it worth the $1.05 I'll spend from Redbox when it comes out on DVD? Because I really wanted to see it. And like Sassy, I take your movie reviews VERY seriously. Word.