I Bought These

Since all I do is walk my dog and I never go to they gym like I say I'm going to, I decided to buy into this sudden trend of shoes that supposedly help your muscles just by wearing them. I know. Next thing you know I'm going to buy a freakin' Thighmaster or some other piece of garbage I see on Sunday morning paid-advertising.
But back to the shoes. I saw the ads for those weird looking Skechers Shape-Ups but decided that those looked too "special." Special as in short bus. Special as in, one leg is shorter than the other so I wear Frankenstein/Spice Girl platform sneakers. No thanks.
Then Reebok came along with these EasyTones and I thought - now that looks like a normal sneaker. I'll give them a go. In the store, they felt just like standing on pillows filled with air. After a week of walking in them, I can already feel the effects in my calves, the back of my thighs and even a little bit in my butt. Wow.
I have to admit they're taking some getting used to. The backs are a little low so my socks keep getting pulled down around my heel and I don't love that. I also can't seem to gauge how tight they need to be... maybe it's the extra elevation from the air pillows. Anyway, just thought I would endorse these for those of you looking for an additional way to boost your work out if all you do is walk.

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Lisa..... said...

A bunch of nurses I work with are totally switching from crocs to those 'special' shoes. And I think both of them are lame. I'll stick to my regular new balance shoes.