Back to the Cinema

After a lengthy hiatus that I blame mostly on Netflix, we finally made it back to the movie theater. Since it was Husband's birthday weekend (Happy actual birthday, Buzz!), he got to pick so we got to take in Zombieland at the regular retail price. Damn I dislike missing the matinee discount. Anyhoo, this is your typical shoot 'em up, zombie movie but I will say the following:

  • Emma Stone is Linday Lohan 2.0 - super cute and foxy but ditch the "S" talking because it drives Husband nuts.
  • Woody Harrelson can play the bad ass, redneck, Twinkie-obsessed psycho any time and I'm game!
  • Abigail Breslin has really grown into a lovely young woman and I liked her in this as much as I liked her in Little Miss Sunshine.
  • Again, Jesse Eisenberg? We already have Michael Cera. I just don't need you.
  • Zombies? Evil clowns? Yeah I'll scream out loud every time. I have no shame.
Finally, there is a cameo here that can't be missed and made this movie worth the price of admission. But guess what! I'm not going to tell you who it is. Hehe. I'm mean that way.

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Andrea said...

I did finally see this last weekend. Not this past weekend. the weekend before. Confused? Don't be.

Anyway, I kinda have trouble really calling it a zombie movie. To me it was more of a romantic comedy that happened to have zombies in it. And while Shaun of the Dead also calls itself a rom com zom movie, it was way more zom than this one. And way better. And yes, I now rate any zombie comedy type film against Shaun. For Shaun is IT!



But this was decent. But forgettable.

And there's my review. :)