Hump Day Morality

Dear Randi XXXXXX:

Thank you for your recent stay and positive feedback regarding your visit to our hotel the Doubletree Richmond Downtown. We will share it with the team. We will also investigate the water situation in 516, as your husband said a "thirsty camel could have spit more out." We typically get better reviews on our water pressure, so we will investigate.

We sincerely appreciate your feedback from you, a valued customer. We hope to have another opportunity to serve you when your travels bring you back to Richmond.


John Cario
General Manager
Doubletree Hotel

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Companies really do read their online surveys!


Maine said...

Wait, you really stayed in that Doubletree in Richmond? I thought you were going someplace further east?

Buzz said...

Just for a night, we were primarily in Williamsburg to the southeast.

Andrea said...

Yes, they really do. My Mother entertained herself while my father was helping me move by going to various companies' websites to send them complaints and then felt pleased and satisfied when they responded and/or sent coupons.

This is my Mother. This is what she does.

Lisa..... said...

Ha ha. That's funny you included that quote in your review. And? Some companies even read Tripadvisor reviews.