The word "volver" is Spanish for the verb "to return." Yesterday was a volver kind of day because I went back to campus for the first time since school got out for summer. I had to meet with an academic adviser to make sure I was on the right track to graduate in May. Turns out, I am a credit short on one requirement so I have to petition to the Spanish Chair to see if she will count some other classes toward that one missing credit since classes are mostly 3 credits minimum and I don't need those other 2. We also discovered that 6 of my transfer credits were adjusted and removed from my transcripts. Not sure why but I had to submit a rebuttal to the records department to make sure that it is merely an error on their end. Good news? I only have to take one upper division classes and my capstone in the spring. I originally thought I had to take two classes so that was nice to hear. IF the records department IS right, I will have to take 5 extra random units so I can graduate next summer. So there ya go!
Since school starts again on Monday I've been trying to slowly dive back into the world of Spanish speaking so I ordered Volver on the Netflix. I really liked this movie. I guess Almodóvar is kind of like the Spanish Hitchcock with his thrillers and twists and turns. This one wasn't as heavy as Bad Education but equally intriguing and very noir. Actually... the topic matter was pretty heavy but the film had a lighter feel to it. Penélope Cruz definitely gave an Oscar worthy performance and is a much better actress in her native language than she is when she is speaking English. I can see how she became Almodóvar's muse.

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