Movie Review Monday

First, Funny People. You all know about my obsession with the folks affiliated with Judd Apatow so you knew I was going to see this in the theater. I want to say for the record that I really loved this movie. I guess it would be considered a dramedy so don't go into it thinking it is anything else. You will laugh but there are a lot of grown up themes in this one like terminal illness, competition amongst friends, lost loves and the true meaning of "success." Husband said it was also a bit of a bromance between Sandler and Rogen and even Rogen and his roomies played by Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman. I will give him that. I laughed consistently throughout the whole movie but there were times I felt like I was holding back tears. Funny People is probably one of the most realistic looks at "grown-up" life I've seen on film. And it's long. I guess movies just can't be less than 2 hours any more. I hope that trend reverses soon. A bitch has to pee.

Secondly, Doomsday. This was a Netflix choice of Husband's. Let's just say that he is going to be put on some sort of probation if he doesn't clean up his queue and get rid of some of these godforsaken movies. Doomsday is about a virus that attacks Great Brittain. People are put into quarantine to isolate the virus and then years later, the virus resurfaces in London so they have to send in this special force team to find the cure blah blah blah. This movie was 28 Days Later meets Mad Max meets Camelot. Not sure how those things tie together? Me neither. Apparently anyone that survives an apocolypse turns into some sort of punk rock cannibal. There are a lot of shoot 'em up chase scenes but this movie requires an absolute suspension of disbelief. One would think that when someone decides to make a movie, they would hire a team of rational folks that would ask questions like: Why a castle? How did she get cell phone service? I thought all these folks were dead? Yeah... it fucking sucked. The end.


Coodence said...

Punk Rock Cannibal.

Awesome. I can't wait to see funny people.

Lisa..... said...

I am glad to hear you review Funny People after listening to the most boring reviewer on NPR the other day. Obv. the people that do news radio best (bringing us war, economics and politics with our breakfast) should not rate comedies. I totally want to see it.

Buzz said...

Oh man, the NPR set of folks is just awful when they're not reporting the news.

The last review of a rock band I heard on NPR had the reviewer saying something like:

"This band isn't all that commerciall-y, but they do have a Springsteen-y folk-y sort of twang-y vibe that allows them to be listenable..."

Come again?

Nice reviews MB, I agree with you on the Doomsday, hopefully "Taken" proves to be better.