Another Movie Review

Since school starts two weeks from yesterday and I have not practiced my Spanish at all this summer, I thought it would be a good idea to watch a Spanish language film. I have read a lot about Pedro Almodóvar and his muse Penelope Cruz but I can't say that I have ever seen one of his movies prior to watching Bad Education last night. You may have heard about it before because it stars Gael García Bernal dressed in drag. Well there is more to it than him looking like Julia Roberts' not so feminine twin. It's a murder mystery and a story within a story within a story. Almodóvar dives into some very taboo topics like cross dressing, gay romance, child molestation and drug abuse without them ever seeming cliché or exploitative. Thank goodness this bad boy came with subtítulos in English because these fellas speak Spanish faster than I could listen to it. I recommend this movie if you don't mind reading though. The twists and turns are many and for the most part (at least to me) totally unpredictable.

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Lisa..... said...

I heart Gael. I'll watch him in anything.