I figured I ought to post something for my faithful readers to let you know that I'm still up and running. Not that any of you expressed concern or anything, mostly just because I am full of myself. I'm sure, too, that most of you have seen me on the facebook - my new obsession. I guess I can blame that on my lack of blog fodder. That and the fact that not much else has been going on of late. Mostly I have just been playing house, working in the yard and enjoying the last of my summer vacation. I'm in the middle of reading American Psycho and man is it something. The last movie I saw was Valkyrie on the DVD and that isn't even worth reviewing. Yeah. So... I imagine by now you've long lost interest and you might be drooling on your keyboard so I'll let you go.
We'll talk soon.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Andrea said...

I'm sorry...did you say something?


Reading American Psycho was tedious, so tedious. And disturbing. But, strangely enjoyable. There's my review.

Sassy said...

Same on my end.

Lisa..... said...

True Blood on netflix. My newest obsession.

And the blogland...it's like it's been halted by the ecomomy because it's so quiet. Maybe people are working instead wasting time on the internet? Do like the govenator, give out IOUs.

Annalisa said...

Hi Randi, can you recommend a couple of good books to read when I go on vacation to the states in August? Or some of your readers? I am in dire need of some good literature. Thanks! Annalisa

Lisa..... said...

I was reading Any Bitter Thing. And it was great. And then my copy was missing 15 pages. I need a new copy to find out what happened, but I totally recommend it.