Delicate Flower

See that there? That is the result of a ten second blood draw with the world's tiniest needle. Well, that big mark on my vein is anyway. That other mark? That hickey-like creation? That's from when I took off the piece of medical tape that was holding the wee cotton ball over my puncture wound. Trying to get down to the bottom of this hypothyroid, weight gain, depression nonsense is nothing but a big ol' pain in my butt. Another blood test and I'm going to smack someone. Also? If the doctor KNOWS he is sending your for a test that requires a urine sample, why doesn't he let you know in advance? If you're like me, you pee in the morning before leaving the house; probably, you go right after you roll out of bed. Inevitably, if I don't go pee, they need no sample. If I go, they do. Murphy's Law.
In addition to all that silliness, I got the pleasure of visiting a neurologist yesterday because since the wedding, my left thigh has been, well, numb. Doc says it's a paralytic nerve and not very uncommon but he still wanted to run some tests. I blame my nephew's other aunt for falling on me on the dance floor but that's another story for another day. Nerve function testing is crazy. You are basically pricked with safety pins, electrocuted and stabbed with wee needles that pick up the sound of your nerves doing what they do. Holy cow. What an experience. No results yet but I hope I never have to go back to that place.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I get sick so you don't have to!

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Lisa..... said...

Isn't it frustrating to have nonspecific symptoms that require test after test. Ugh. Hope you get an answer soon.