American Psycho Haiku Friday

Yuppies and brand names
Manhattan, 1980s
Torture and murder
Truly disturbing
Definitive of the times
Of self absorption
Tedious reading
Can't say there's a "story" though
I don't recommend


Shora said...

I just finished reading "Three Cups Of Tea", the true story of an American man who is building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, mostly for girls. INSPIRING!!! I highly recommend it.

Happy weekend babe!

Andrea said...

USA Psycho
Not really for everyone
Sex, labels, and death.

If you don't mind books that are bleak and heavy and you enjoy graphic novels may I recommend The Walking Dead? It's still continuing on a monthly basis, I believe, but what I've read so far is really well written and I can't wait to get the next chapters. But it's not light. Or cheery. In anyway.

Also, World War Z is pretty good thus far. It's written really well and at times I find myself shaking my head saying "Yeah, I can totally see that" when an "interviewee" is talking about government reactions to the conflict. It's really good. Really well written. I like.

I realize this makes me sound like a zombie obsessive. I've come to terms with it.