They Go In Threes Haiku Friday

Never watched Late Night
Phil Hartman immortalized
You, your hearty laugh

Drew was my Angel
But your nipples comforted
I was not alone

Soundtrack of my life
Thriller at slumber parties
Long live King of Pop

May these celebrities, these icons, find the peace in death that they were unable to find in the last years of their lives. While I am guilty of following gossip sites and tabloids, I cannot imagine how unbearable living under that sort of scrutiny must have been. To have every misstep, every scandal, even the slightest human error be broadcast for the world to see... to be followed night and day, bombarded by paparazzi... to not have the privacy to die with grace and dignity... well, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Thank you for the entertainment you gave us. Heaven will be happy to have you.

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April said...

Beautiful post.

Yesterday when Joe told me that MJ died, I was like, "Shut up! Are you serious?"