Poop Rant

Do you see that beloved beast right there? Isn't she cute with her gigantic rawhide bone? Protecting it even while she sleeps? Well she's adorable but she's also a poop factory. Since getting pets, Kiyah and The Cat, I have become the primary poop picker upper. Every morning, Miss Kiyah and I go for a walk and every morning I pick up at least one, sometimes two, healthy piles of poop in a wee plastic bag I cover my hand with and which I tie in a knot and throw in the trash. I, Randi, am a responsible pet owner and do not leave droppings of doo doo to be stepped in. A few houses in our neighborhood have signs in their yard that say "No Dogs" or "No Dog Poop Pleace (sic)." I respect those yards. For the most part, however, I don't get a say in where or when Kiyah poops.
This morning I saw the epitome of lameness. On someone's city-issued trash can, located on public property also known as an alley, someone had put a sign "No More Dog Poop." Um... WTF? Would they prefer it be thrown flaming on their stoop? Perhaps left in their garden? Maybe on their sidewalk? I felt like leaving the bag o'poop right on top of the trash can but instead threw it in the receptacle, disregarding the idiocy of that sign.
Two Words: Public property.
Two more words? Suck it.


Andrea said...

Ya know...I was talking about dog poop the other day and it got me thinking about things and I just finished researching biodegradable dog poo bags that I'm going to order as soon as I get paid. Because it started to make no sense to me that I was using plastic bags to pick up something that would break down naturally if left alone, ya know? Or put in a composter thinger that I'd get if I had my own yard.

Yeah. Poo. It's the topic of the week!

Lisa..... said...

I refuse to pick up poop. It's my husbands job. And he is not afraid to toss it in the cans on the street.

April said...

I wonder if people (not you) are picking up the poop and just throwing it in the can sans plastic bag. Even if the trash can gets emptied, there's still probably some poop that streaks the inside or something. Then maybe it's all yucky when they throw their trash away? That's the only reason why I can think that someone would put that on their can.

But good for you for being a good citizen!

Anonymous said...

If your dog poops, take the poop home and put it in your own trash can!!! Don't put it in someone else's. Its your dog; its your mess; don't inflict your dog or its poop on other people.

And MY trash can, sitting out for those 2 hours after it has been emptied is NOT public property. It is mine.

The dog poop from YOUR dog is YOUR property. Take it home and sleep with it!!!

Randi said...

Had to reply to the crazy Anonymous comment that told me to sleep with poop...
Um, it's not a "mess" if it's in a tied plastic bag. It's trash. That trash can is in the alley ALL THE TIME not for 2 hours. The alley is not private property. And the trash can is the property of the City of Oxnard. Not theirs. Just like your trash can isn't yours.