Lovin' Zefron

One of my Facebook friends from high school threw up an invitation to see 17 Again and I shamefully confessed that I wanted to see it. Last night I did but only because it was at the discount movie theater. There is nothing new here - a grown man (Matthew Perry) feels he lost his chance at greatness in high school and wants to go back. Thanks to some movie magic, he turns back into his 17-year old self (Zac Efron) and tries to recapture his glory days, only now he is doing it alongside his teenage son and daughter (Buffy's Michelle Trachtenberg) while his soon to be ex-wife (Leslie Mann) watches on. His nerdy buddy (Thomas Lennon a.k.a. Lt. Dangle from Reno 911) pretends to be his dad while wooing his principal (The Office's Melora Hardin). I did some name dropping here to give this silly movie some well-deserved credibility. I laughed quite a bit and am convince that Zac Efron will have a long career in Hollywood. That kid exudes charisma, has a rockin' hot bod and is 100% talented. He had me at when he hosted SNL. While I'm ok with not paying full price to see this one, I highly recommend it when it comes out on DVD soon. Or maybe at your local discount theater.

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Lisa..... said...

Movie Madness!!! Is this what you do after you get married. Lay around and watch movies?