Land of the Lost

There's a saying "they can't all be winners" and I can't think of a more appropriate cluster of words to describe Land of the Lost. It is no secret around these parts that I love me some Will Ferrell so naturally I was going to see this on opening weekend. When the theater darkened I may have even let out a wee squeal of joy. That squeal, however, was short lived. I won't say that LOTL sucked, per se, but it just isn't good. The whole movie lacked a cohesive quality that it desperately needed. I compare it to when we were in high school and had to videotape our version of Hamlet to show our literature or drama classmates - the basic material from the also awful television show is there but the editing and flow are sloppy at best. I will give credit where credit is due, though; the special effects were amazing. Dinosaurs scare the shit out of me. Chaka? I place him in the same "Annoying Character" category as Jar Jar Binks. Danny McBride? Stretch your wings, homeslice. You're a funny sonofabitch but it's time to break away from your Tropic Thunder character. I recommend Ferrell's guest appearance on Bear Grylls' special Men vs Wild over this movie any day... you know, because Will Ferrell is actually funny in it.

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