The Hangover

I know you've all heard these sage words of advice before: When you fall off a horse, you get right back on. So Husband and I ventured out for our second movie in two days to see The Hangover so it could wash the bad taste LOTL left out of our mouths. This, Hollywood, is how comedies are made. It almost goes without saying that director of Old School has lent his magic touch to this tale of boys behaving badly during a bachelor party weekend in Sin City. The best part of this movie is that we never really know exactly what went down at the party so don't expect a flashback to the 80s comedy styling of Tom Hanks. It's raunchy, crude, vulgar and hilarious. I laughed so hard that at times my hearty guffaw was reduced to a mere wheeze of a sound reminiscent of Charlie's grandpa in 1971s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Ed Helms had my heart with Andy Bernard in The Office and he does no wrong here as the worry wart of a buddy. Zach Galifianakis had me rolling with his almost criminal stupidity and naivete. And Bradley Cooper? Well he's just easy on the eyes and as cool as a cucumber. So, so funny. Stop reading and go see it.


Lisa..... said...

The end shots made me laugh SO HARD. Good movie.

Buzz said...

And Heather Graham was perfect in it too. Nice job MB!

hotdrwife said...

I want to see this!!