When this movie showed up in my mailbox I was pretty much predisposed to disliking it. History has never been a strong point for me, especially American History. I blame this on attending a private Catholic school. I'm sure at one point, that sort of education had some sort of prestigious affiliation, but when I was enrolled at Santa Clara High School it was staffed with mostly alcoholic, absentee teachers, drug use among students was rampant and the school itself was in an academic slump. So while I definitely had heard of Nixon and Watergate, I wouldn't say I had any more than a passing awareness of it. Frost/Nixon is an extremely well done period piece and in my opinion, Frank Langella may as well have been Richard Nixon. Incredible acting. There is a Kevin Bacon connection and since this movie was directed by Ron Howard, his brother Clint has his prerequisite cameo as a cameraman. Husband and I can't say enough wonderful things about Oliver Platt and while I can't seem to visualize Sam Rockwell as anything other than the bad guy and Drew Barrymore's quasibeau in the first Charlie's Angels movie, he also did amazing job in his supporting role. I highly recommend this movie for history buffs and people that may be in need of hearing this story for the first time. Wonderfully done.


Buzz said...

Top Notch Review MB!

Rockwell to me will always be the psycho-crazy prisoner in "Green Mile" so it's good to see that he has some real chops.

I need to see if Platt is in anything upcoming for sure.

David said...

Just picked up Frost/Nixon: The Complete Interviews. These DVD's are AMAZING! Once I started, I couldn't stop watching them. Watching Frost go to work on Nixon is like watching a great boxing match. Both sides are delivering jabs until Frost delivers the knockout Blow - Watergate. Seeing Nixon crumble under the relentless pressure of Frost is truly fascinating. The Watergate interviews kept me wanting more and the 5 other interviews definitely delivered. This is a must have for anyone's collection http://bit.ly/FrostNixon