I've tried and quit Friendster and MySpace. I swore I wouldn't be sucked into Facebook. Guess what. I lied to myself. I totally joined on Monday. Not only have I joined, but I have immediately become addicted. In less than 48 hours I have acquired 79 friends. Real friends. People I'm actually glad to be in contact with! I've used their chat system to talk to a lady I used to work and live with and for whose kids I was a nanny. I've made my move on a game of Scrabble BFF invited me to. I've found out that my wedding DJ did indeed play "We don't have to take our clothes off" during the garter toss only we couldn't hear it over the roar of people laughing at Husband with his swim cap, goggles and mouthguard get up. I've solved the mystery of who gave us the red tea kettle since Target goofed up and didn't include a card. I'm officially obsessed.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.


Coodence said...

Yah, facebook is super fun, dude! Don't blow it.

love you.

212degreedesigns said...


I have an account that I keep deactivating and reactivating if I need to look someone up. lol

facebook is eeeeeeeeevil.
eeeeeevil i tell you.

i'm trying to keep it simple and twitter is enough.


Jessica said...

I love FB. And Twitter. They feed my inner attention whore.

Andrea said...

Facebook has actually been helpful in catching me up with people I didn't even know I wanted caught up with. And chatting with a few of them from home. That's been nice.

It was also nice for group discussions for the Vegas trip. Though email would have also worked.

And other than that? I spend my time blocking every application/quiz/question thinger that is posted on my news feed!

Shora said...

I have a love / hate relationship with FB. Have found some of the most amazing people in my past thanks to it, but, there's just waaaaaaaay too much happening on that Home page.

Glad you've been assimilated! ;)

Lisa..... said...

I totally like facebook. I talk to people I actually want to talk to.

Sassy said...

Welcome aboard!!