Best. Flavor. Ever.

Best Ice Cream Flavor Ever
This flavor had a limited appearance once before and it flew under my radar. A couple months back I saw it at our local grocery store and I thought I'd give it a shot. I fell in love immediately. Husband and I have a bit of a tradition of getting a pint of Ben & Jerry's every weekend so we returned the following weekend and Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road was no where to be found. This occurred week after week until I decided to give up. Apparently, this deliciousness had run its course and was back to being a thing of legend. This past weekend, Husband and I were headed to the market to get our weekly rations and in the parking lot he said, "Maybe the Yellow Brickle Road will be there today." I glared at him, asking how dare he tease me that way. When all my hope had been lost. I walked into Vons with my head down and we headed to the ice cream aisle. Lo and behold! The flavor was there! I gasped with such relief and joy that three women passersby stopped to stare. I imagine they thought something or someone out of a horror story was leaping out from the freezer section. But no. It was just me and my Yellow Brickle Road. And the euphoria only ice cream can bring.


Nancy gurl said...

How do you tempt me with this and yet detail none of the ingredients? Tell me more, tell me more!

May I add that Breyers Snickers ice cream is a must try!

Lisa..... said...

I heart cherries jubilee from baskin robbins. I get it every year for my birthday.