Bedtime Stories

Thank God for Netflix otherwise I doubt I would have seen this movie. I really have a thing for Disney, it's time I come clean. While I don't believe Disneyland is the happiest place on earth (because Chavez Ravine is), it definitely is a close runner up.Husband and I fell in love there, dontcha know? But I digress. With Enchanted came a new kind of Disney movie that combined the cartoon aspect with their family feature films genre. I loved Enchanted. And I loved Bedtime Stories. Everyone and their mother has a cameo in this movie and it is just good, clean fun. Adam Sandler is goofy but not annoying though his New York accent doesn't seem to make sense seeing as his character was born and raised in Los Angeles. Other than that? I got chills from the scattered morals of the stories and the predictably silly romance storyline. I am pretty sure the world would be a better place if more kiddos loved this movie like I did. Though I did have to pause the movie several times to ask husband if I'm mentally retarded because I loved this movie so much and I'm 32, at least four times older than the targeted audience.

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hotdrwife said...

We rented this the other day when Bug was sick - and I loved it, too. Very sweet movie indeed!

Bug's favorite part was still Bugsy, though. :)