Finally! After months of anticipation Buzz and I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Saturday. It was apparently disabled day at the theater because I counted two wheelchairs, a service dog and half a dozen adults with disabilities at the matinee we attended. I'm pretty sure they had as much fun as I did unless I'm misinterpreting that one dude's incessant teeth grinding...
Anyway, don't go in expecting some amazing story. Go in expecting to see Hugh Jackman's rippling muscles and a bunch of hot dudes fighting, doing some ninja shit and just looking really good. I used to read these comic books when I was in my early twenties and really? Wolverine was the best thing about it. I really used to dig the romance between Gambit and Rogue but apparently that won't be coming to a theater near me any time soon. Ryan Reynolds, I'd have liked to have seen more of you. Will.I.Am random. And ohmygod Liv Schreiber, you are a bad kitty. You, too, Wolverine.
Yeah. I have nothing else to say really. This movie could have really been a let down after all the hype but it wasn't. It was everything I could have asked for: action, fighting, muscles bulging and pretty dope special effects. Something for the whole family!

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Lisa..... said...

I'm totally down to see Hugh Jackman in anything. Or nothing. ;)