Happy Humpday

Dude, you guys, thanks for making my birthday fantastic. Not only was it a great day to turn 32, it was a great day to kiss my semester BYEBYE! For all of you who participated by submitting their stories to my Spanish Blog, thank you very much! You all helped me earn a 94% on my final presentation. Yesterday was sheer bliss. I got a giant cookie in the shape of a butterfly all to myself and a giant Mrs. Field's cookie to share with the office. Do you guys know how much I love cookies? There are no words. Then after work I went for an amazing massage during which I may or may not have ended up falling asleep and then maybe talking and/or snoring toward the masseuse. After that my folks treated me at my most favorite Mexican restaurant where I was serenaded with "Hoppy Berday, Panchita" and presented with flan bearing a single candle. Topped the night off watching Family Guy and puffing on the good stuff. Slept like a dead person. A week from today, my family and friends start arriving for the wedding. In ten days, this will all be over. Amazing.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I know 30 Rock but 32 rocks too.


April said...

OMG TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!! It seems like just yesterday that your status on Gmail chat was like 40 something days. Man time flies!! TEN DAYS!!! How exciting! Also, happy belated birthday!

Lisa..... said...

Yay for your 94%!! Birthdays kick ass. 31 in a week!

Enjoy every minute because the day of your wedding just FLIES by.

Shora said...

I missed it! I'm sorry!!! Happy belated babe. Just think, the last birthday as a single woman. xoxoxoxo

Sassy said...

OMG!! I'm such a bad friend...Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like it was a good one :)

I can't believe the big day is 10 days away!!!!