End of Wedding Talk Haiku Friday

If you have the time
Almost a thousand pictures
Just click on this link
Your password: friday
Lowercase, just like the day
For the wee white box
There just are no words
To describe the wedding bliss
So I shall not try


Andrea said...

Your boobs are superb
They should be put in Snapple
The best stuff on Earth.

ceedee said...

you saucy minx!

Buzz said...

I'm on board with Andreas' haiku.

No getting around it babe. Superb.

Jessica said...

Beautiful pics.

Shora said...

That photographer must have been like a strobe light! LOL. I love it, what amazing pics, so candid and going through all the hundreds it felt like I was there. You looked gorgeous babe! And hubby aint too shabby either ;)

Love the butterflies. Love the dress. Love the black on the bridesmaids. Love the shots especially taken from above of you walking up the stairs. LOVE that your huge smile is so completely genuine... there's no faking that kind of happiness! Congrats again to you both. MWAH!!!