MORAL OF THAT STORY: Working the week prior to your wedding? Not a great idea. Cold sores. Hives. Turbulent tummy. Yeah. Over it.


Shora said...

I think all that stress-related stuff happens whether we're at work or not. Grrr. Hope it's all clear by Saturday babe. Also hope that working this week means a long honeymoon after the wedding. Am I right?

I'm DYING for pictures!!!

It's been so great over the past few years reading your trials and tribulations. It's freaky how much emotion I have for somebody I've never actually met in the flesh! But I'm so glad you and Buzz found one another and I know you'll make each other crazy happy. I'm crazy happy for you!

I won't be around for the next few days so wanted to write today to say congratulations and all the very best of wishes and lots and lots of mushy stuff.

Sending you giant cyber wedding hugs and MWAH's!

April said...

THAT'S why I didn't work the week before my wedding. Good luck and best wishes!!!! I hope your day is perfect!

exile said...

omgwtfbbq! i can't wait to see the pics.