6 Days 'til My Birthday

I've never been a real sunscreen advocate. I mean, I'll apply it but not religiously usually resulting in a bit of a burn time and time again. I've definitely tanned in the sun before with the intentions of getting dark. Never in a million years did I think I would end up in a tanning booth. However, because I am translucently white and work in an office and hardly see the light of day, what other choice do I have? On the weekends I rock wife beaters pretty regularly so I have some really serious tan lines on my shoulders that just won't go well with a strapless wedding dress. You know how it goes.
So on the brochure, it said I get a month of unlimited tanning sessions for the low, low price of $59. Guess what. They lied. In addition to that, I had to buy the mandatory $3 tanning bed goggles to protect my eyes and a $20 dollar bottle of tan accelerator. That's almost $100 bucks to get a temporary tan, I mean, that shit won't last forever. Add that to the $50 a month I spend on fake nails and the hefty price of cutting and coloring this gorgeous 'do of mine almost every month and dang! I practically need a second job just to look mediocre. Either way, I will say this - I really dig tanning. First day - 12 minutes. Second day - 14 minutes. I'm already noticing a difference. And I don't know if it's lying in the heat or the whir of the fan, but tanning is super relaxing. My skin looks and feels great. Too bad I can't afford to keep it up.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: The price of looking this good is hardly worth the money.


Andrea said...

Based on this? I should feel as if I'm an ogre.


Lisa..... said...

Cut and coloring your hair every month??? I haven't cut my hair since Jan and I haven't dyed it for like two years. Fake nails are illegal in nursing (not really illegal but against the rules)

Keep living it up for the rest of us. I need something to aspire to.

April said...

Do you not get unlimited tanning sessions for the month?