End of Wedding Talk Haiku Friday

If you have the time
Almost a thousand pictures
Just click on this link
Your password: friday
Lowercase, just like the day
For the wee white box
There just are no words
To describe the wedding bliss
So I shall not try


Now I'ma Talk To A Goat!

Husband and I can't stop performing this skit in our daily lives. Thought I'd share in case any of you hear us butchering it.


More Pictures

You asked for them but I don't have them! For once, I was not the photographer. However, my buddy and A+ bridesmaid, Andrea was! Some of her pictures are here.



Then Comes Marriage Haiku Friday

I've had this last name
For thirty-two years of life
Soon I will take his
Loving my bridesmaids
Having parties, hanging out
Feeling really loved
Some out of towners
Soon to be my "new" family
Couldn't be better



MORAL OF THAT STORY: Working the week prior to your wedding? Not a great idea. Cold sores. Hives. Turbulent tummy. Yeah. Over it.


Randy's Words of Wisdom

Tinkle! That's so stupid. I wonder what he uses for "going ploppies."


Wedding Week

Homer Simpson says to understand a wedding, you need to define it. Now what is a wedding? Well, Webster's dictionary describes a wedding as "the process of removing weeds from one's garden."


8 More Days Haiku Friday

Upcoming nuptials
Manicures, tanning salons
Busy pampering
Got the final count
Seating arrangements are done
The music's been picked
A short week next week
Family and friends arriving
And lots of parties!!!


Happy Humpday

Dude, you guys, thanks for making my birthday fantastic. Not only was it a great day to turn 32, it was a great day to kiss my semester BYEBYE! For all of you who participated by submitting their stories to my Spanish Blog, thank you very much! You all helped me earn a 94% on my final presentation. Yesterday was sheer bliss. I got a giant cookie in the shape of a butterfly all to myself and a giant Mrs. Field's cookie to share with the office. Do you guys know how much I love cookies? There are no words. Then after work I went for an amazing massage during which I may or may not have ended up falling asleep and then maybe talking and/or snoring toward the masseuse. After that my folks treated me at my most favorite Mexican restaurant where I was serenaded with "Hoppy Berday, Panchita" and presented with flan bearing a single candle. Topped the night off watching Family Guy and puffing on the good stuff. Slept like a dead person. A week from today, my family and friends start arriving for the wedding. In ten days, this will all be over. Amazing.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I know 30 Rock but 32 rocks too.


Happy Birthday to ME!

Hooray for early morning serenades, text messages, packages on my doorstep, cards from loved ones and coming in to work to find roses and the cutest fax ever sent by anyone ever (but it was from Buzz). Happy birthday to my future mother-in-law as well!
Hooray for 32!


Me. Me. Me.

My Amazon.com Wish List
Tomorrow's my 32nd birthday
the end of my semester.

Celebrate me home, won't you?


Happy Mother's Day

Mom being a lady

Hope all the mothers out there have an amazing day.
Hope to join your ranks soon.


Dodger Blues Haiku Friday

Know Dumbo's story?
Manny's just your feather, guys
You can all still fly
Coming to see you
Kick the Giants' ass tonight
Don't let me down, boys
It has been a year
Since Buzz popped the big question
At Chavez Ravine



Manny Ramirez will be suspended 50 games for positive drug test

I'm hanging my head in shame. What a letdown. And right on the heels of their modern-record breaking, 13th straight home win at the start of a season.


6 Days 'til My Birthday

I've never been a real sunscreen advocate. I mean, I'll apply it but not religiously usually resulting in a bit of a burn time and time again. I've definitely tanned in the sun before with the intentions of getting dark. Never in a million years did I think I would end up in a tanning booth. However, because I am translucently white and work in an office and hardly see the light of day, what other choice do I have? On the weekends I rock wife beaters pretty regularly so I have some really serious tan lines on my shoulders that just won't go well with a strapless wedding dress. You know how it goes.
So on the brochure, it said I get a month of unlimited tanning sessions for the low, low price of $59. Guess what. They lied. In addition to that, I had to buy the mandatory $3 tanning bed goggles to protect my eyes and a $20 dollar bottle of tan accelerator. That's almost $100 bucks to get a temporary tan, I mean, that shit won't last forever. Add that to the $50 a month I spend on fake nails and the hefty price of cutting and coloring this gorgeous 'do of mine almost every month and dang! I practically need a second job just to look mediocre. Either way, I will say this - I really dig tanning. First day - 12 minutes. Second day - 14 minutes. I'm already noticing a difference. And I don't know if it's lying in the heat or the whir of the fan, but tanning is super relaxing. My skin looks and feels great. Too bad I can't afford to keep it up.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: The price of looking this good is hardly worth the money.



Finally! After months of anticipation Buzz and I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Saturday. It was apparently disabled day at the theater because I counted two wheelchairs, a service dog and half a dozen adults with disabilities at the matinee we attended. I'm pretty sure they had as much fun as I did unless I'm misinterpreting that one dude's incessant teeth grinding...
Anyway, don't go in expecting some amazing story. Go in expecting to see Hugh Jackman's rippling muscles and a bunch of hot dudes fighting, doing some ninja shit and just looking really good. I used to read these comic books when I was in my early twenties and really? Wolverine was the best thing about it. I really used to dig the romance between Gambit and Rogue but apparently that won't be coming to a theater near me any time soon. Ryan Reynolds, I'd have liked to have seen more of you. Will.I.Am random. And ohmygod Liv Schreiber, you are a bad kitty. You, too, Wolverine.
Yeah. I have nothing else to say really. This movie could have really been a let down after all the hype but it wasn't. It was everything I could have asked for: action, fighting, muscles bulging and pretty dope special effects. Something for the whole family!


Hey, May! Haiku Friday

May Day, Wolverine
Eleven days 'til three-two
Cinco de Mayo
Mother's day, finals
Dodger game and wedding day
Vow renewals, too
Memorial Day
Happy birthday, Tauruses
May's a busy month!