"My fiancee is a die-hard Dodger fan and remembers that moment as one of the defining events in her Dodger fan memory. I'm a Tigers fan, so obviously Kirk Gibson played a big roll in my youth as well. Anyway, now that we're consolidating households and building our future together I wanted a memento that would mean a lot to both of us, and this is the very item that ties it together, and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to get it. Thanks again!"
Buzz bought me this autographed picture to celebrate us moving in together just a little under a year ago. It's hanging on the wall on his side of the bed and I look at it every time I'm in our room. Today is the first time I realized Gibson is wearing 23 and we're to be married on May 23rd. Technically, we should be husband and wife by now. Our initial plans were to get hitched in Vegas on April 18th. I'm a bit superstitious and am now pretty convinced that May 23rd is probably the day for a reason.

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a bit superstitious?

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