Practice What You Preach

On Sunday my sister-in-law participated in the beer Olympics with her brother and some friends. Apparently at the end of it, my brother went to pick them up to avoid any of them getting a DUI. What a nice brother. I spoke to my SIL later and she told me that because it was so hot and the games took so long and they really weren't drinking large quantities of beer, she never even caught a buzz. She said that she could have driven herself home.
Well, since everyone I know has a DUI and clearly the cops would be staked out waiting for the participants of the beer Olympics to get in their car and drive away, I'm pretty sure it was a good idea they had a chauffeur. I told her as much, even going as far as to say "You really need to be careful out there on the road. The cops are issuing tickets like madmen since California has no money in its budget."
Those words ended up being the kiss of death for me on my ride home from work on Monday evening. I have long felt that the hands free rule of the road is a crock of shit and maybe intentionally refused to purchase the sign of the douche known as a blue tooth ear piece. I did attempt to use the speaker option of the phone, but BFF said there was an echo and I could barely hear anyway so I said fuggedaboutit. Well, I was on the phone with BFF when I looked in my mirror and saw the familiar blue and red lights of a motorcycle cop pulling me over. If you can believe it, I actually got a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving. I'm like the only person I know to receive such a ticket. Sonofabitch.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I am not above the law. I will respect "authoritah."


Andrea said...

So I need to learn how to use the speaker on my phone, huh?

Damn. So many things to do. :)

Lisa..... said...

How about the ticket I got for failing to move left when a police officer had pulled someone else over on the freeway? Apparently your not supposed to be in the lane closest to them. Sux.

Coodence said...

"the sign of the douche"

Sassy said...

We just had that same law passed. It blows donkeys.