Monday Shnippets

  • I bought a pair of size 14 shorts. They fit ok in the Macy's fitting room but by the end of the day we had a whole lot of shorts left over. I have learned my waist is a size 10, my ass is a size 14 and that clothes simply aren't made that way.
  • Saturday was On Field Fan Photo Day at Dodger Stadium. That link will take you to the shots I snapped. The Dodgers SLAUGHTERED the Rockies all weekend. Holler.
  • Got my first sunburn of the year on Saturday.
  • Record high heat in Ventura County over the weekend.
  • Netflix is enabling us to see the movies we didn't catch in the theater without the commitment of purchasing the DVD. The Incredible Hulk taught us there was a reason we didn't see the movie in the theater. Poor Liv Tyler can't act her way out of a paper bag. Should've hung it up after Armageddon. Mamma Mia! never even made it into the DVD player. Nice joke, Buzz.
  • Dear Fox, I love the extra new episodes of Bones, don't get me wrong, but if you could keep it consistently on the same day it'd be much appreciated. I don't track stuff like this well and I could have potentially missed tonight's new episode because it is not on Thursday as your regularly scheduled programming promised me.


Lisa..... said...

That's so me with the sizes! I got fitted for a bridesmaid dress. Size 6 upper body, size 12 ass. WTF?

Sassy said...

I'm totally the same. My waist is significantly smaller then my hips/ass and finding anything that fits right is almost impossible.

I'm loving all the new Bones episodes too, but since I've been a homebody, I've been keeping track. Did you find last nights episode had a different "feel" to it? It felt different, like a Desperate Housewives kinda feel, not the usual Bones feel....Can't explain it.

dirkmancuso said...

I'll grant you Liv Tyler is no Meryl Streep, but sadly she acts circles around Jennifer Connolly in Ang Lee's THE HULK.