Jumping The Shark

I used to be a big fan of Scrubs when it was on NBC. I have even caught many a rerun on Comedy Central in my day. Last night, while searching desperately for entertainment on the boob tube, I decided to give Scrubs a chance on its new network, ABC. Apparently this is the final season but it's the first episode I've caught in a long time. It would appear that JD and Elliot have decided to give dating another go, Carla and Turk are expecting baby number two and Janitor is getting hitched to Lady in the Bahamas.
Now it's bad enough that this once adored comedy had to leave the network it was born to and take up residence at another one, but the entire cast going on vacation together? In the tropics? Does that remind you of... I dunno... the Saved By The Bell summer episodes? And riddle me this, how can the majority of the hospital staff go on vacation all at once? It kind of bummed me out that a show that used to make me laugh pretty hard has gotten so lame. Clearly, I need something better to fill my time.

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Andrea said...

Ya know...that didn't bother me. You know what did bother me? How damned boney/skinny Elliot is when I saw her in a bikini. Not good. Just sayin'...

Also? Since they moved to ABC? It sucks. Also? The Todd couldn't be seen in his banana hammock?!?! What is up with that? NBC shows banana hammock.

The first time I spelled hammock, I spelled it "hamcock." Had to be noted.