He's No Paul Blart

My love for Seth Rogen is no secret around these parts. I don't know if it's the curly hair, the hilarity or the fact that he looks as cuddly as a teddy bear but I just think he's the greatest. Buzz and I didn't even go to a matinee for Observe and Report, we paid full price for entry on opening weekend so you know it's serious. Anyone mistaking this movie for Kevin James' innocent Paul Blart Mall Cop is in for a rude awakening.
O&R is Blart meets Cable Guy meets Pineapple Express. There's full frontal nudity (though not the desirable kind), gratuitous and graphic violence, F-bombs dropping, drug use, and bipolar disorder. What starts out as a pretty silly premise evolves into some crazy shit that no one was expecting.
We laughed and we laughed hard. Buzz laughed so hard he had the whole audience laughing along with him five minutes after the punchline. Or in this case: a 90s style sweater, a gold chain sitting atop a turtle neck and some schooly pants rocking some zippered pockets.

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ceedee said...

I'm pretty sure I've a picture of you wearing said outfit :)