Happy Thoughts Thursday

  • I had a week's relapse back onto the candy, etc. but am back on track.
  • Spring Break is over and my routine has returned to "normal."
  • I have my 2nd dress fitting tonight.
  • I get to go to a pre-season Dodger game on Saturday.
  • Buzz comes home tonight!
  • I have a beautiful fake French manicure once again.
  • I haven't had a beer since Sunday (which is REALLY sayings something).
  • Increased dog walking is leading to tingly and tightening leg muscles.
  • I "Spring Cleaned" a bunch of closets and drawers. Nothing like a good purge.
  • I haven't cheated once in the past three days on the diet.
  • Only 5 weeks left of school!


Coodence said...

* It's a beautiful day here today.
* I've got a lot of work to do.
* I have a home made frozen burrito for lunch.
* I'm going to a baseball game on Saturday!
* LOST was so good last night.

April said...

*good for you for keeping up with your diet!
*Try stretching before walking the dog, that might help with the tingling.
*Big day is so close!!!!!!!!!
*Ethan's little league team are called the Dodgers!