Hello, lady readers of this here blog.
I am putting together a website for my Spanish final and thought it would be fun to offer you the opportunity to appear on it!
I am trying to compare and contrast the roles women play in today's society.
If you would like to write a paragraph for me giving your thoughts on the matter and send me a picture of you, I will gladly add your story (en espaƱol of course!) to my homework blog.


April said...

When do you need this by?

OMG! I am sitting here drinking my nightly glass of wine, and I went to type in the word verification and it is, "whino"


Sassy said...

I got your email and it's in the works babe! I'm impressed at your spanish :) Of course I understood only about 2% of it!

Sassy said...

P.S. My word verification was "Sasione" Is that like spanish for Sassy?

Coodence said...

dude, great job!
your new blag looks great.

i'll get mine to you soon.

my word verification is ungerly.

Lisa..... said...

My role in society...hmmmm I'll need to think a minute on that.