Chatty Cathy's Pretty Penny

I got my ticket in the mail for talking on the phone whilst driving a vehicle. There had been rumors that there was a one-time "warning" fee and that it would incrementally increase the more tickets you got. Well I will tell you this, I may not have a moving violation but I did get a ticket in the amount of $132. What happened to the $40 fine that was rumored? Ugh. What a waste of money. I guess those obnoxious bumper stickers that say "Hang Up and Drive" are offering us some solid advice. Damn you, California and your debt!

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Let me be your lesson learned.


Coodence said...

I got five on it, yo!

April said...

$132?? Goodness that's a LOT of money for that kind of ticket!

Lisa..... said...

I heard it was way more than they said because of "fees" Sux