Unless you've been living in a cave for the last year (at least), you must have heard about all of the drama surrounding the release of Watchmen. That drama resulted in a lot of hype and from my experience, hype is never good for a movie. It builds up expectations to the point that there is no way it will live up to anything you've imagined. I have not read the graphic novel. Or any graphic novel for that matter. But I love comic book/superhero movies so I was pretty pumped up about seeing this one. This review is only about Watchmen as a movie, not how the movie compares or stays true to the graphic novel.
First things first? The movie is long. Like three hours long. That? Is too long. If I have to get up to go to the bathroom during the running time of a film, I feel like that's problematic. There are a lot of characters we never get the chance to learn a whole hell of a lot about. There is quite a bit of action. None of it was overly breathtaking. The violence, however, is palpable. The paused moments in fight scenes are just like looking at a frame of a comic book. It was a cool movie to watch, I just never got emotionally invested in any of it. I guess if I never saw this movie again, I'd carry on just fine with my life.
If I had to pick my favorite part of this movie I would have to say that the opening credits were the absolute best thing about Watchmen. That and Dr. Manhattan's glowing penis.


Buzz said...

Nice job mb.

It was definitely a cool movie to watch, not anything life changing, but definitely entertaining.

I would like to see a prequel that addresses the building of the initial Watchmen, but there's no way I need to read the novel.


Sheen V said...

I loved the movie! I had only a vague familiarity with the garphic novel, so the movie stands on its own to me. Now I need to see it again.