Tale of the Towel Rack

Once upon a time there was a big, strong prince and a round bottomed princess that lived together not far from the sea. One lovely morn, the two were romantically roughhousing in their not so spacious bathroom and managed to break the towel rack. It is to be believed that when the towel rack broke, it unleashed a vicious curse on the handsome prince. He was stricken with a spell that caused his skin to burst into flames. The princess believed with all her might that if the prince were to replace the damaged towel rack, the curse would be lifted and they could live happily ever after.
The following weekend the royal couple headed to their local Target to purchase a replacement towel rack hoping to break the spell that had been cast over their home. The princess was overly concerned with her love's well being and as he headed into the bathroom, she cautioned him not to cut himself whilst repairing the damage. It was as if she had cursed him herself because shortly thereafter she heard him exclaim a profanity. She ran to tend to her prince and found he had slain himself with a tool and he stood bleeding profusely in their home.
Being the fast thinking princess that she was, she whisked him away in her black chariot, Vehicular, and took him to the Urgent Care, the Emergency Room and finally, CVS Pharmacy. She aided him in tending to his wound and proceeded to care for him for the remainder of the weekend the best she knew how. Distressed, the princess worried relentlessly about the curse that refused to lift.
Finally, last night, the princess decided she herself would have to slay the dreaded towel rack herself if she was to save her prince. She armed herself with a red toolbox and a power tool and set to work. She had never before installed a towel rack but believed in her heart that she could. And so she worked her well rounded heiney off and fidgeted and tinkered until finally the towel rack was installed. Now, the princess waits to see if the curse has indeed been broken.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you. YES I CAN!


212degreedesigns said...



soak him in pureed cucumber.

then mushy oatmeal packed on for bit.

just try it. lol

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Girls kick ass.

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Girls totally kick ass.

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Whut Whut!