Movie Review Monday

Ok, so this movie has literally been in theaters for months now. I had the desire to see it the day it was released but somehow life got in the way, a movie hiatus happened and Buzz and I just didn't get there until yesterday. It was just us and two other dudes and boy did we laugh. I was unaware that this was a Happy Madison production but the cheesy humor and utter ridonkulousness is definitely there. A dance solo on a Segway? Check. A tramp stamp of the Loch Ness Monster? Check. The goofiest mall heist in movie history? Check. You probably won't walk away from Paul Blart Mall Cop any smarter but you'll definitely be exhausted from laughing. Kudos to you, Kevin James. You had me at Sweat The Small Stuff.

Remember that movie hiatus I mentioned above? Well Role Models was another hilarious flick that fell through the cracks. This one is out on DVD now and we just happened to buy it solely based on the fact that it stars Stifler and Rudd. Little did I know that McLovin' and the beautiful Elizabeth Banks as well as many other Apatow-associated cast members would make cameos! Hooray! I laughed so hard while watching the unrated version of this movie that after it was done I went straight to bed. There was nary an ounce of energy left. And just to prove to you how much I loved it? We watched it a second time yesterday. Role Models is not only hilarious and foul-mouthed, it also has the super special moral of the story conclusion. Who doesn't benefit from a good lesson learned? Part to look out for - when Ronnie tells Danny "Fuck you, Miss Daisy." Ell. Oh. Ell.

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