Monsters vs Aliens

As if there were any doubt prior to now, it has been proven that I have the same sense of humor as a kindergartner. Buzz and I caught the non-3D Sunday matinee of Monsters vs Aliens after a hearty breakfast in downtown Oxnard. I have to admit, I purchased the ticket with a twinge of doubt - Entertainment Weekly, normally a valid source of critique, gave MvA a C. A C? Really? I'd been anticipating this movie for ages and that's what they're saying?
Luckily I didn't buy into that stupid C too much and just went in hoping to be entertained. I laughed. A lot. I got mad at Paul Rudd for voicing a jerk. I fell deeper in love with Seth Rogen thanks to his embodiment of B.O.B. And Stephen Colbert proved he is even more hilarious as an animated president than he is in flesh and blood. Who knew? And... who even thought it was possible to love America's Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon more? Her Susan/Ginormica realizing that she's strong with or without a man... well that's a lesson lots of girls need to learn.
I'm not sure what I missed as far as the 3D effects but I guess it's true that what you don't know won't hurt you. And Entertainment Weekly? I'm not exactly sure who shit in your critic's Cheerios but they need to lighten up and recognize a good cartoon when they see one.


Buzz said...

It was definitely better than the last two Shreks that DreamWorks put out. This was more fresh and had funnier jokes.

Best part of the movie? Watching it with my Fiance'

Coodence said...

Yay! I love cartoons, too.

Lisa..... said...

Sounds fun.

FYI: the ring is no longer available. I didn't have the $$ anyways but I am sad about it.

fyrchk said...

I love "kids" movies. Half the time, the humor is for adults anyway. Or, at least, that's what I like to tell meself.