I Read A Book For Fun!

Today is the last day of Spring Break and I'm happy to say that I finished a book that was merely for my pleasure. I learned absolutely nothing from it, it wasn't required, I don't have to write a report. But I'm gonna! This is the third Kate Atkinson fiction book I have read and I am pretty convinced it will not be the last. I will definitely be picking up her other novels even though they do not star former soldier and police officer-cum-private detective, Jackson Brodie.
When Will There Be Good News consists of the same elements as her other two books that I have read. There are recurring characters and new ones, their stories intertwining in ways I could never see myself being clever enough to imagine. I love a good mystery! Atkinson somehow manages to write with such a British tone and I think it is probably one of the reasons I find her so charming. Her female characters are strong willed women and though they may be victims, they never come across as damsels in distress. And Jackson Brodie, well I always picture him as Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe. And with that said? Let us bask in the glory that is that sexy man. Rawr.

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