Happy Thoughts Thursday

  • Today is a new moon.
  • It is also "Make Up Your Own Holiday Day."
  • I get to see my nephew at lunch.
  • I don't have school until NEXT Wednesday.
  • I bought Buzz's wedding gift! And the gifts for our moms.
  • Monsters vs Aliens comes out this weekend not in 3D!
  • I'm making a game plan for actual weight loss prior to the wedding.
  • I get my haircut this weekend.
  • The laundry is done and the house is halfway clean.
  • Said wedding is only 57 days away...


Andrea said...

Diggin' deep for this one:

1. I've lost two pounds
2. I'm working at home
3. Both of my dogs are still healthy *knock on wood*
4. I'm getting my hair taken care of today. Way, WAY overdue
5. All of my bills are paid and I had a weeeeee bit left over for gas, fun, food. I should be happy about this instead of focusing on how weee the left over bit is.
6. I'm not dizzy anymore for extended periods of time.
7. I have Prince on my DVR to watch from Leno last night! I just remembered that. Mmmm....Prince.
8. People still care. Even when I whine.
9. My sister loves me.
10. People miss me and wish I was around. That's nice.

Ok, there. The happy sunny side of Andrea. Pft.

Coodence said...

1. My frozen pizza lunch is delicious.
2. Spring is coming, though it's cold today and going to rain.
3. My college roomate is staying with me and I just love the heck out of her.
4. Work is busy. Thank god.
5. I'm doing well in my fantasy basketball pool.
6. LOST is amazing.

Coodence said...

Dudes, I'm in a pool. Not playing fantasy basketball.