Happy Thoughts Thursday

Since this blog tends to run on the bitchy side I thought I'd try to sort of balance the negativity with some things that are currently making me happy:
  • 2 months til my 32nd birthday
  • 2 months til finals
  • 71 days til the wedding
  • 2 weeks without sweets
  • 3 days without beer
  • New Bones on TV tonight.
  • New The Office, too!
  • Was gifted a new pair of cool Ed Hardy sneakers
  • Purchased Bones Season 3 on DVD
  • I'm not pregnant.
Wanna try? Tell me a few things that make you happy in my comment box! WEE!


Coodence said...

I'm happy because:
- the apple I'm eating is crunchy and delicious
- i love my man, my family, and my apartment
- i live in NYC, the greatest City in the world
- the sun is shining today and it is 40 degrees
- my report was released yesterday
- i've lost five pounds!

212degreedesigns said...

wait a second...

did you think you were!?!?!

DUDE! you KNOW what causes that right?! ; }

Lisa..... said...

Brownies...oh, that was just mean huh?


The end of another quarter.