The Curse of Lent

Why I don't recall this event every year is truly beyond me. Every time Lent rolls around I give up cookies or sweets. Every year. And this year is no different. Wouldn't you know it, the other day, outside of the Vons, were a gaggle of girls in green surrounded by cookies. I believe Buzz and I were deep in discussion when I halted mid-sentence and gasped. The Girl Scout cookies are for sale.
Would you like to know where they are selling these annual treats? Click here.
I am proud to say I purchased four boxes (Tagalongs® and Samoas®, of course!) almost one whole week ago and they remain secure in their packaging in the door of my freezer. Sigh. Treats at Easter time are the bain of my existence. Cadbury Mini Eggs? Yup. Love 'em. Cadbury Creme Eggs? Mmmm... those too. But yesterday marked one week without desserts and I'm proud to say I DID IT! Five weeks to go...


Andrea said...

This is the first year in forever that I have no GS cookies. And I'm sad about this. So sad. I have a lady that should be gettin' some for me, though. She's my supplier.

And I will eat them. I don't care!!! I WILL EAT THEM!

I hope that dress I bought still fits...damn.

Lisa..... said...

If it makes you feel better, there are less cookies in the box this year.

I so agree with cadbury eggs. Those are crack.