On the way to Los Angeles this weekend, this song came on the radio. As is to be expected, there was nary a DJ to tell me who the hell sings it. I called my brother who seems to know every song I don't and even he was stumped. It was driving me a little crazy so I put my mind to it and set to Google-ing. You're never going to believe it, but I found that shit! Check it out.

Now I just need to find the damn CD for less than the $23.98 Amazon is selling it for...

MORAL OF THAT STORY: OCD - Makin' it work for me!


Coodence said...

That's the jam, yo! itunes, baby!

Buzz said...

It's a pretty cool song for sho.

Wonder if they tapped into the Outcast vibe. Either way it's good stuff.

Lisa..... said...