Over Extended Hump

That sounds like a whacked out camel but really, it is a description of today. So I am going to do a rant list and get it off my chest:
  • I suck at quizzes
  • Working full time and going to school part time is not fun
  • We have to order flowers for the wedding this Saturday
  • I have to assemble invites on Monday
  • Next weekend is working on the registry
  • A co-worker is on vacay so I have twice the workload
  • My other co-worker clears his throat incessantly and it makes me want to punch a baby
  • Too much to do, too little time
  • My zipper repair totally FAILED
  • I got lovely Red Chuck Taylors for Valentine's Day but the day was still slightly jacked up because I got a migraine and had to ruin Buzz's dinner reservations
  • I got a 90% on a presentation I stressed about all weekend
  • I am currently sitting at 55% in my other class (see: quizzes, sucking)
  • My wedding dress still won't fit as of 93 days before the wedding
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Don't bite off more than you can chew.


Coodence said...

But don't you feel better now that you've gotten that off your chestie?!

Lisa..... said...

Sucks about the zipper repair.

I am so over this quarter. I can barely keep up with doing the minimum.