Moral Of The Story Humpday

Yesterday I left my apartment at oh dark early to walk the dog. Six in the morning is never a fun time, but it was particularly cold yesterday and I was bundled up in a beanie and my hoodie. Brrr, man. Winter's chilly. I try to keep my head down in the morning not only because it keeps the cold air off my face but because I really don't want to make eye contact with anyone that might be out at that ungodly hour.
Of course, we all know how good I am at avoiding eye contact. I happened to look up at the exact same time a black car was cruising down my street. Lo and behold, the window was down and a guy caught my attention and asked for directions - to a dentist of all places. At six in the morning. I live on the 5000 block of my street. He was looking for an address in the 600 area of the same street, which just happens to be one of the main streets in Oxnard.
I told him he had to turn around because he was way off. He retorted that the address was 600 West and if he turned around he would be going East. That was certainly a point I wasn't about to debate at six in the morning as it wasn't even a remotely valid argument. Even if he turned around, there could still be a West. I reiterated that it would be in his best interest to go back from whence he came as he was in the wrong 'hood. I know. I live there. This dude had the nerve to ask if there were any more office buildings at the end of my block even though I clearly stated he was no where near his destination so I looked to the West and retorted "Nope, you keep heading that way and you'll end up in the ocean."
That guy chuffed at me, clearly not amused, and drove away, taking his attitude with him.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: If you're lost, don't act like you know where you are.


Lisa..... said...

Is it just me or did everyone take a dumb pill recently?

Jessica said...

Clearly, no one ever told this man that directions in Oxnard make zero sense because the ocean is all over the place.