Food For Thought

I am a size 14.
I have 14 weeks to lose at least a dress size.
That dress happens to be my very expensive wedding dress.
I am officially eligible to shop at Lane Bryant.
I tried on a pair of size 12 shorts and while they got over my tremendous ass, zipping them up would have been impossible.
I always feel my heaviest on Mondays.
Especially the Mondays before my period.
So I'm going to try again. I guess today is day one. And there will just have to be as many day ones as it takes.
Fuck I hate this.


212degreedesigns said...

11:11 ?

i think you may have some luck if you wish real hard...

or just make up your mind,..
and know you can.

; }

Coodence said...

Totally doable sister!!!

Andrea said...

I'm with Coodence. You can do it!